SourceCarrot offer website maintenance and security services for the reason that we know website management and maintenance is essential to exploiting your online performance.

Almost all business today is going online. A huge number of websites are being made every day. Everyone needs to be seen, to be known. It is seeming that websites are the face of one’s business. Users try to make more and more attractive websites to fetch traffic. However, it must be understood clearly that only making a website is not enough. Clients are dynamic and so you too have to be.

A successful business and a simplified website go hand in hand. The importance of websites is known from a long period and as a result, even small businesses are creating their websites to let publics out there know what they are into. Maintaining a website brings with it responsibilities. It is not like you build it and just forget about it. Websites need maintenance in a consistent manner.

Reasons for Website Maintenance :
  • Run smoothly :

The frequently maintained website allows your business to run well. It also advantages to increase the speed in loading your site.

  • Attract customers :

Your business is actually about attracting customers and diverting them regularly. Updated or maintained websites attract new customers and engage them in you. The previous content is exchanged by new exciting one to ensure they develop an interest in you.

  • Rank on search engines :

Maintain your websites help you to rank higher and higher on search engines. When you rank top on search engines, people can find you easily and reach out to you to make business. This also helps you to remain to gain your competitors.

  • Provide a professional image :

Your business is reflected on your website. You have to ensure that your professional or corporate image is maintained by your website. This can be succeeded only if your website is maintained on regular basis. An incorrect website with broken links, dead pages and outdated contents with lots of grammatical errors will display your poor image which can cause a decline in your business.

  • Secure yourself and your customers :

We at SourceCarrot are engaged into website maintenance to provide your website a completely new look by including copy production, quality control, publishing, feedback monitoring, performance monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, routine maintenance, change control, and risk control.

Features and Services Included In Website Maintenance :
  • Homepage modifications and changes
  • Inner Pages Content updates
  • Adding new links
  • Company news updates
  • Updating company staff profiles
  • Adding new pages to the website
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Adding a new interactive feature to the website
  • Modifying content and graphics
  • Adding New Product details
  • Maintaining your complete shopping cart
  • Registration updates with search engines
  • Designing newsletter for your company
  • Sending your newsletter to your clients
  • Employee details changes
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Newsletter & email list maintenance
  • Pricing changes for your products
  • Eliminating and correcting broken links to external websites

Are you interested to Maintenance for your website with SourceCarrot, we will do it for you!! Get in touch with SourceCarrot and We will contact you later as soon as possible…