A huge number of users worldwide, simple access and many tweets sent per day, Twitter is not only for social media mechanisms but also twitter marketing forms an excellent way of digital marketing for your brand. Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages referred to as “tweets” and tweets also are supported with additional features like retweeting, hashtag, tag, reply, etc.

Twitter is launched as a keyword targeting solution for Twitter Ads. Keyword targeting is promoting tweets supported the keywords that the users search on twitter. When a match is formed, the promoted tweet features a chance to win placement either during a user’s Twitter stream or within the search results.

Twitter ads are an excellent source to market your brand ahead of users who are likely to have an interest in your product. consistent with Twitter data sources, Twitter ad engagements increased 69% over the last year, with a 28% drop cost per ad engagement.

The Twitter advertising campaign is a beautiful option for entrepreneurs for setting and marketing their business and brand. Small and medium business holders face the difficulty of insufficient time for running campaigns themselves. We are the proper choice to assist you during this situation.

  • Creating Your First Campaign :

create your first campaign on Twitter to market your tweets, which may be called twitter AdWords Further you should to “target by keywords” for your campaign.

  • Options for Searching and Feeding :

once you plan to launch a keyword targeting campaign on Twitter, you’ll need to think if you would like to focus on the search results or users’ timelines. The user’s timeline is showed users who write or engage with tweets containing your keywords and search results are showed users who look for your keywords.

  • Keyword Match Types :

We assist you to focus on the keywords for your campaign. There are two types for keyword match i.e. unordered match which can match the keywords in any order. and therefore the other may be a phrase match that needs matching the keywords in exact order.

  • Negatives :

once you use a negative, it tells Twitter to not show your ad when the negative appears during a search query.

  • Location Targeting :

Tweets are often targeted in various ways. one among them may be a location. you’ll target your tweets to a selected countryside.

  • Target by Gender :

We also provide tweets targeting by gender.

  • Device Targeting :

Keyword targeting campaigns also enable you to focus on by a tool like desktop and laptops, iOS, Android, Windows phones and “other mobile devices”. With this, you’ll distinguish between mobile users and Desktop users.

  • Bid and Budget :

Lastly found out the bid and allow your campaign.

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