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Entertainment industry is very popular in now a day. The fan base or audience is larger in this industry. But everyone has a different interest in this entertainment industry. In this industry video sharing platform is trending business. There are lots of examples for video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hotstar.

Every business in this industry needs advertisement platform or digital marketing partner so they can easily reach their interested consumer.

Consumers are becoming cleverly, especially in this digital age. The consumption of digital content is expected to exceed that of any other medium within the next few year yet big brands still consumes their rupee on ads their consumers will either pay notto see or feel bothered while watching them.

However, watching their favourite celebrity fame on your beverage on their favourite TV show? Watching the lead character in a film wearing   your brand’, products and clothes? Scrolling through social media site to see a celebrity with your gadget and also blocks and more about you? Well that’s better than a watching 30 second TV ad spot any day. And more and more brands are accomplishing this and creating marketing strategies to wow their consumers.

One of the core form of Entertainment Marketing is advertising. Movies live concert and television shows would never be successful without advertising. Different production organization and companies make use of TV commercials release their movie advertisements, events, billboards, mall tours, and local shows just to promote a particular film or TV programs. 

Aside from promoting them to the public crowd, entertainment advertisers often analysis and manage events targeting specific groups of audience, people from any category like teen agers to college students to moms and business owners. Also, organizing the grand concert and making declaring to general newspapers and publishing magazines telling people stories of their favourite stars is another way of entertainment promotional campaign.

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